3 YEARS Warranty!

1. step: Fill the form to register your BerettaProduct

2. step: to get 3 years warranty on your product  upload your receipt



1. What is the Beretta product registration?

The product registration offered by Beretta requires completing an online form that requires the entry of personal data and the serial number of your Beretta firearm. The  information is in real time  connected to our database.

You cannot enter a product serial number that was purchased prior to the 1980's as these early records are not stored in a digital format.

Information contained in the product registration PDF is in no way legally binding.
Any details relating to your firearm must be confirmed by Beretta SpA, in accordance with article 35 R.D. TULPS 773/1931

2. I have already registered my Beretta product on the local authorized distributor website. Should I register also on

If you have already registered your Beretta firearm on your local distributor website, you are not required to re-register on However, by doing so, you will have access to exclusive content and benefits, available only to the Beretta community.

3. Can I register a second-hand (used) Beretta firearm? 

Yes it is possible! The product registration offered by Beretta is available also for old firearms, but of course for the warranty you have to be compliant with the terms and condition published at this link:


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