EN - Dear Beretta Collector,
one of distinctive features of your Dt11 Gold is the high level of the product that make it part of Premium Shotgun range.
Your shotgun has been tested by our ballistic experts to carefully verify the accuracy.

We invite you to register your shotgun by filling the form to receive your own original CERTIFICATE LIMITED EDITION in a digital version.


ITA - Caro Cliente,
una delle caratteristiche distintive del Suo fucile Dt11 Gold è l’elevato livello del prodotto che lo rende parte della categoria Premium.
Il Suo fucile è stato accuratamente testato dai nostri esperti al fine di verificarne la precisione.

La invitiamo a registrare la Sua arma nel form qui a fianco per ricevere la digitalizzazione del Suo CERTIFICATO LIMITED EDITION.


NOTE : What is the Beretta  Limited Edition Certificate product registration? The product registration offered by Beretta requires completing an online form that requires the entry of personal data and the serial number of your Beretta firearm. The  information is in real time  connected to our database.

IMPORTANT! Information contained in the product registration PDF is in no way legally binding. Any details relating to your firearm must be confirmed by Beretta SpA, in accordance with article 35 R.D. TULPS 773/1931